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Using Ancient Astro-Remedies

Unlocking Cosmic Power

With the help of your Life Map

Your Vedic horoscope is your Life Map. We will unravel your Life Map step by step, identifying the most important influences on your life and will explain how to manage them using various tools, both esoteric and practical, to help and support you in navigating life's complexities. Our counselling and coaching services provide direction in cultivating personal growth while unlocking cosmic power in your life by applying various astro-remedies for optimal results.

Gemstones are not merely beautiful items used for decorating the body, but have subtle influences that can positively improve your fortune in life... read more

Gem Therapy

Words and sounds of power can remove obstacles on your path... read more


Fasting is another tool that can be utilised in shifting the energies in your life, and when done according to your birth chart, goes far beyond mere physical health... read more


Giving your time, money or resources to the right person at the right time will help to reduce any negative karma you may have waiting to come to fruition and solve problems in your own life... read more

Targeted Charity

Performance of spiritual rituals aligns you to the cosmic intelligence... read more

Ritual Work

Yantra means ‘machine’ or ‘instrument’. Yantras are devices that use sacred geometry and mystic symbols inscribed on metal plates, drawn on paper, or carved into wood as an aid to shift consciousness from the mundane to the cosmic and to harmonize with those cosmic energies.... read more


Is This For You?

Our services cater to those either experiencing persistent challenges in life, are looking for solutions to current problems, or those seeking more clarity on their life’s journey and who seek holistic and spiritual ways to accomplish these. If you believe in the laws of karma and are open to exploring Vedic Astrology’s power to help alleviate life's hardships, you are in the right place.

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The Benefits

Why You Need Astro-Solutions


Get unique guidance based on your individual Life Map


Spiritual disciplines such as fasting, inner focus, sacred sound, colour therapy and targeted charity can remove obstacles while promoting inner healing and balance


Tackle challenging and persistent problems in life using time-tested Astro-remedies


Vedic astrology offers a number of powerful tools to help you manage, reduce and even eliminate obstacles and challenges in your life

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Crossing the Ocean of Knowledge
Our Story

Stellar Insights/Astro-Solutions is the brainchild of Shree Raja, who acts as a guide in your understanding of your Life Map. Inspired by the ancient system of the Vedic Sciences, which includes Vedic astrology, Shree Raja embarked on a journey to learn and apply these powerful tools in his own life, and later was encouraged by his mentor, Dr. David Frawley, to offer the benefits of these sciences to society. Shree Raja’s passion for helping people find solutions and navigate through life's challenges forms the cornerstone of Stellar Insights/Astro-Solutions.

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