Everyone has their own individual vibration or energy field, but when two people get together they form a third vibration that is the result of their combined energies. Everyone wants to know when love will enter their lives. Through your birth chart we can know when this is likely to happen. The relationship reading can also indicate if a particular person is compatible with your vibration and whether the two of you together will create Camelot or Fatal Attraction!



Through your birth chart, we can get a clearer idea of what your career path should be, times of rise in career, change of career, or career obstacles. Don't waste the valuable years of your life walking the wrong path!



The natal chart will show your general health trajectory, vulnerable or weak areas as well as times to take extra care. We can also learn which planets are favorable for health or otherwise, empowering us to take more control of our health.



What is my spiritual potential? Which spiritual path would be good for me to follow and when can I meet a teacher or make progress on my higher path?

As Vedic astrology is the science of time, the exact time, place and date of birth are required for an accurate reading. If your time of birth is approximate or unsure, you can still contact raja to inquire if he might be able to 'rectify' your time of birth - to find the actual time based on past events in your life.



We recognize the negative effects Covid 19 has had on individual finances. If you would like your astrology chart read but are experiencing financial hardship