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Biden or Trump: Who will win?

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Pretty much anyone you talk to lately will agree - we are living in very interesting times. From the Presidential Debate debacle to the accelerating censure-ship by Big Tech (Google, Youtube, Twitter and Facebook) of voices and ideas they don't like, to the madness and destruction caused by the Covid 19 scare, this is all enough to keep your head spinning.

Some have said that this current Presidential Election is one of the most important and potentially history-making elections in decades. This election could decide whether the United States of America remains a free constitutional republic or if she is overtaken by Marxist, Leftist ideologies, leading to more government control and intrusion into our lives and a proportionate loss of personal liberties. Whatever the outcome, the rest of the world will likewise be impacted.

What are the astrological indications for the Democratic nominee Joe Biden, and also for the incumbent President, Donald Trump? Let's firstly have a look at the horoscope of Joe Biden, former Vice President of the U.S.

The birth data for his chart has been taken from Lois Rodden's Astrodatabank, which has rated the source of the data 'A' for 'Accurate'. For the purpose of this discussion I am using Chitra Paksha ayanamsha (True Lahiri).

Joe Biden was born 20 November, 1942, at 8:30 am in Scranton, Pennsylvania USA.

In order to be victorious in running for public office and elevated to a high position, there are key factors that need to be in place from an astrological point of view:

1) Firstly, the foundation of the horoscope should be strong. This requires that the ascendant and its lord should be strong and well placed in the chart, with minimal malefic influence. The ascendant or lagna, is the foundation of the chart and represents the person themselves. If weak, the native of the chart will be a non-entity and would struggle for any significant recognition.

2) Similarly, the 10th house and its lord should be strong, with minimum malefic influence. The 10th house is the house of accomplishment, fame, power and career.

3) In addition to the above, there should be the promise of high position and elevation indicated in the chart. This comes in the form of planetary combinations that promote success, victory, and elevation of position known as raja yogas.

4) There should be favorable planetary periods running at the time of the competition or running for office. These are known as Mahadasha (major period), Bhuktidasha (minor period) and Pratyamshadasha (sub-minor period). These planetary periods will need to be connected in some way or other to the 1st house (self), 2nd house (status), and the 10th house (career and accomplishment).

5) There should also be favorable planetary transits taking place at the time of the event. In particular, the transit positions of the planets which rule the planetary periods running at the time of the event as well as those of the 2 slowest moving planets, Jupiter and Saturn, need to be supportive, as they indicate major events in the individual's life. Transits are mainly seen from Chandra lagna (Moon sign) in Vedic astrology.

So let's examine the chart of Joe Biden from these perspectives:

1) Scorpio is Joe Biden's ascendant, and it's lord is Mars. Mars is involved in an exchange of signs with Venus (parivartana). Mars is in the 12th house of loss ruled by Venus, while Venus has gone to the first house of self ruled by Mars. This means that Mars and Venus are combining their energies together to bring about a change of circumstances in Biden's life. 12th lord Venus indicates confinement, obscurity, losses, setbacks, sacrifice, weakness, giving up and letting go. 1st lord Mars represents self, personal happiness and success, intellect, and health. The indications here are that Joe will experience major setbacks and losses, having to let go of success and personal happiness at some stage of his life, especially when the planetary influences of Venus and Mars come to fore.

Biden's ascendant is occupied by the Sun and Venus. As lord of the 10th house, the Sun supports both the ascendant and the 10th house itself. The Sun, ruling 10th house of power and position, is sitting in the 1st house of self and personal success, causing simhasana yoga, which is a combination for rise in life.

Venus in the 1st house is less favorable, as it is the ruler of the 12th house of loss, sacrifice, and hospitalization and also rules the 7th house of danger to health. Venus is also eclipsed by its proximity to the Sun, making it even more negative. Venus' influence on the Sun is undesirable and can bring in health issues at some point, expecially being eclipsed. So we can say that the ascendant is of mixed nature - some good, some not very good.

2) Are there any powerful raja yogas in this chart? There is a mutual aspect between 9th lord Moon and 1st lord Mars, technically forming a (Lakshmi) raja yoga. But both planets are sitting in bad houses. Moon is sitting in the 6th house of enemies and injury, and receiving the very negative aspects of Rahu and Mars, while Mars is in the 12th house of loss, weakness and surrender while being in the sign of an eclipsed planet. So this raja yoga doesn't really have any power to do good.

The exchange between Mars and Venus is technically a raja yoga being formed between the lord of a trine (Mars - 1st house) and the lord of a quadrant (Venus - 7th house), but here again both planets are weak and afflicted. The fact that both planets rule bad houses (dushsthanas) mars them and the exchange of houses between them causes daridra yoga, a combination for poverty or loss of wealth.

The position of the rulers of the 6th, 8th or 12th houses being placed in either the 6th, 8th or 12th is known as vipareeta raja yoga. Vipareeta means 'reversed'. Since the 6th, 8th and 12th are considered bad houses that bring in conflict, death or death-like circumstances as well as losses and setbacks, their mutual association or placements in bad houses is actually a good thing, because the negativity of these houses gets attenuated. This yoga is said to give success after some suffering or struggles or after someone else connected to the individual suffers loss and defeat. These combinations of reverse raja yogas in Joe's horoscope are the only ones likely to bear fruit.

4) Rahu major period: 28 March 2019 till 27 March 2037. The planetary period running for Joe Biden at the time of the Presidential election is that of Rahu/Jupiter (vimshottari as calculated from lagna, not the Moon). Rahu is placed in the 10th house of power, reputation and career. As a shadow planet, Rahu will reflect the effects of its dispositor, in this case, the Sun. The Sun is well placed in the 1st house in friendly sign and involved in simhasana yoga, a yoga for rise in life. So, among other effects, Rahu should show rising to a position of power during its period. But we must remember that whatever Rahu gives is usually taken away in short order. In addition, Rahu is a tamasic planet and represents manipulation and deceit. The classic literatures say that Rahu in the 10th brings status and earning capacity, but also secretive meetings and dodgy dealings that are not beneficial for the public at large. Rahu here indicates that Joe is quite willing to gain power by hook or by crook during Rahu dasha. We point to the recent controversies coming to light around Biden making secret deals with the Chinese Communist Party, Ukraine, etc., as an indication of this. As Rahu's dispositor, the Sun, is associated with maraka Venus (death or death like circumstances), then health and longevity should be watched very closely during Rahu. It is no secret that Biden has been showing signs of cognitive decline for some time now.

Rahu minor period: 28 March 2019 till 11 Dec 2021: The minor period shows the prevailing trends against the backdrop of the major period. So Rahu minor will emphasize what has already been stated above. In addition to this, Rahu will be transiting in the sign of Taurus, which is 2nd house from the natal Moon. When Rahu moves through the 2nd house Joe is likely to experience sudden and unexpected events pertaining to his family, finances and his political status. It is advised that one should avoid conflict and confrontation during this transit, as any conflict could backfire on the person and one is likely to get entangled in scandal involving finances, position, etc.

Ketu sub-minor period: 27 Oct 2020 till 22 Dec 2020: Ketu is placed in the 4th house in the natal chart and will be transiting in Scorpio (8th house from Moon) at the time of the elections. The sub-minor period shows the cause of events that take place in the minor period. Ketu's natal placement in the 4th house shows issues with assets and domestic peace. Ketu's movement through the 8th from Moon indicates that the domestic unrest, financial issues and career troubles may be due to inappropriate handling of finances, tax returns, and other problematic issues involving money coming to light.


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