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Biden or Trump: Part II

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Following on from my previous post on this topic, we note that Biden is currently under Rahu major, Rahu minor period. Although having natal Rahu in the 10th house can, under certain circumstances, help to elevate one in life, he has to be exceptionally strong, well placed and aspected, and his dispositor must be similarly strong. Rahu himself is not especially strong in the natal chart, but his dispositor, the Sun, is quite strong. He is 10th lord in the 1st house, causing simhasana yoga, a combination for rise and occupation of the 'lion's throne', while in Scorpio, the sign of his great friend, Mars. On the face of it, this looks very promising. However, we must take into account the influences of the transits of the major planets, Saturn and Jupiter. These two hold the major influence over life events next to the dasha. Nothing major in life can happen if the transits of these two don't support it.

Let's examine the transit of Jupiter. Remember, transits of planets are always seen primarily from Chandra lagna (Moon sign) in Vedic astrology, and only secondarily from lagna (ascendant). Since Biden's Moon sign is Aries, and Jupiter is currently transiting Sagittarius (until 14th Nov.), then Jupiter is in his 9th house transit. According to authoritative astrological classics, Jupiter gives good results when he transits the 2nd, 5th, 7th, 9th and 11th houses from the Moon. So, on the face of it, this should support Joe Biden at this time. Normally a strong 9th house transit of Jupiter would confer authority, fortune, increase of wealth, general success in all undertakings, and happiness within the family. However, if we look at his Jupiter transit a bit closer, the picture changes. During planetary transits, we need to see if the transit is strong according to ashtakavarga and also whether the results of the transit are getting blocked by some other transiting planet (vedha). In Jupiter's own ashtakavarga, there are 4 bindus, or benefic points, associated with Sagittarius, which is neutral - not good, not bad, just ordinary. However, even these neutral results of Jupiter are getting blocked by Saturn (vedha) by being in the 10th from Moon. So Jupiter cannot be of any help to Joe at this time.

Saturn is transiting Capricorn at the time of the election. Saturn gives good results when he transits the 3rd, 6th and 11th from the natal Moon. Capricorn rashi happens to be the 10th house from Joe's natal Moon. When Saturn transits the 1st, 4th, 8th, or 10th from either the lagna, natal Moon or arudha lagna, it is known as Kantaka Shani, and is considered highly malefic. Kantaka means 'thorn', and when Kantaka Shani is in force, the analogy is given that one cannot move forward without limping, as if one is in great pain due to having a thorn lodged deeply in their foot. So Joe will be under the influence of Kantaka Shani at election time. When Saturn is transiting through the 10th from the Moon, one will suffer both emotionally and physically, as the Moon represents both the mind and the body. But Capricorn is also the 4th house from the arudha lagna, here again Kantaka is happening. When Saturn moves through the 4th from the arudha then one's career, position and reputation suffer since the arudha shows how we are perceived in the world. So there is a double Kantaka Shani happening for Joe Biden now.

We can also apply Kantaka Shani to the varga charts. The navamsha (D-9) shows our bhagya, or fortune (apart from relationships). In the navamsha, Libra rises with the arudha lagna in it. Capricorn (the sign of transit Saturn) is the 4th house from both the navamsha lagna and the navamsha arudha lagna, and it is the 8th house from from the navamsha Moon. Bhagya or fortune is totally devastated. The dashamsha (D-10) shows details of career, accomplishment and power. Here again, Libra rises with the arudha lagna in it, just as with the navamsha. So there is double Kantaka happening in the D-10 as well. The D-10 Moon is in Cancer, which corresponds to the 7th from Capricorn, so there is no Kantaka taking place from the Moon. But a double Kantaka from ascendant and arudha is more than enough to destroy one's career prospects during this transit.

Now, if all this isn't enough to make one think that Joe Biden has no chance to win this election, I would like to bring in one more option for evaluating Joe Biden's chances at winning the Presidency of the U.S. We can examine what his Tithi Pravesh chart says about his chances of winning. The Tithi Pravesh is a chart that is calculated based on the time in the year when the angular distance between the Sun and Moon that existed at the time of birth (janma tithi) returns to that exact angle again during the year in question. This will always fall within a few days either side of the person's birthday in a given year. The moment when this happens is known as the Tithi Pravesh, and can be calculated for any year of interest to predict how that particular year will go, and whether anything of significance will occur. The indications shown in the tithi pravesh chart hold good for the entire year starting from the tithi pravesh of one year up until that same Sun and Moon angular distance (tithi) is repeated again the next year. Though the tithi will be the same in each yearly tithi pravesh chart, the ascendant and planetary positions will be different every year, giving unique results for each year. We can look at whichever divisional chart pertains to whatever area of life we wish to examine for the year. In this present case, we will examine the tithi pravesh of Joe Biden's D-10 (dashamsa) chart, which shows how the career, accomplishments, power and potential rise in status will play out during the year.

Here is Joe Biden's D-10 for his tithi pravesh chart for for the year of 2019:

The D-10 for the current tithi pravesh chart began on 10th November 2019, and will be in force until 27th November 2020. The Presidential election falls in this time frame (Nov. 3, 2020).

Scorpio rises with a debilitated Rahu (and arudha lagna) therein. Rahu is a malefic influence and represents deceit, manipulation, and conspiracy. He also represents mass influences, the pulse of society, foreign influences and hysteria. This situation of Rahu in the 1st house of self in the chart definitely indicates inauspicious results for 2019 - 2020. It would appear that dodgy dealings come back to haunt Joe this year. He is out of sync with the pulse of society, and the public begin to view him as untrustworthy due to covert manipulation and dealings with foreign influences. This is underscored by the presence of the arudha (perception) in Scorpio with debilitated Rahu.

The ruler of Scorpio ascendant - Mars - is poorly placed in the 12th house of loss, sacrifice and obscurity being influenced by debilitated Rahu. With a weak chart ruler, it will be very difficult to win a huge competition for the highest seat in the land. By the way, Rahu is the co-ruler the 4th house in the tithi pravesh chart, which for politicians shows the 'throne', or seat of power. His debilitation is a serious drawback.

The karaka for position, power and leadership is the Sun, and he is relegated to the 8th house of death, death-like circumstances and destruction. The Sun happens to be the ruler of the 10th house of power and position also. The 9th house of luck, fortune and divine grace is badly marred in this chart by debilitated Rahu, Saturn and 8th lord Mercury. Mercury also rules the 11th house of gains and fulfillment of ambition, and he cannot withstand the onslaught of 2 dire malefics, therefore ambitions, goals and dreams will be destroyed.

In the 10th house itself we find the Moon. For Scorpio ascendant, the Moon becomes a planet of obstacles, obstruction and disagreement. So the 10th house of power and rise gets further afflicted.

Let's now look at the planetary periods of the tithi pravesh chart for the time of the elections. Using tithi Vimshottari dasha, Biden will be running Mercury major period from 16 September 2020 until 10 November 2020. We have seen above how Mercury is 8th lord of death and destruction sitting in the 9th house of divine grace and fortune, thus destroying those significations. In addition Mercury is afflicted by both Rahu and Saturn, causing a very negative situation involving his ambitions/goals as well as the longevity of his Presidential bid.

So we can see that the year is not at all favorable for Joe Biden and the prevailing winds are against him. Even if he should be somewhat successful in creating doubt and confusion in the mind of the public as to his legitimate claim to the presidency, ultimately his downfall is inevitable. With so much Rahu influence bearing down on Joe at this time, I would expect that there might even be some kind of funny business with regards to the election counting and poll results. Rahu is known for his ability to cloud and confuse the issue.

In concluding my analysis of Joe Biden's horoscope, I will say that unless President Donald Trump's chart indications are infinitely worse than Joe's, Mr. Biden will not win this upcoming election.

For whatever reason, I only became inspired to do an astrological analysis of the two contenders for President of the U.S. at the 11th hour, so as time is short, I will not examine President Donald Trump's horoscope at this time, but will do so after the election, whether or not Donald Trump wins.

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