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Sri Yantra used for Astrology


Let Your Stars Be The Guide


What I offer


Geometrical use in astrological Birth Chart in Australia

Relationships   /   Love  /   Marriage  /   Divorce / Career  /   Health  /   Family  /   Finance  /   Karma

Sri Raja offers over 20 years of experience in guiding people through various life junctures and challenges using the Vedic horoscope. Your horoscope (natal chart) is a blue-print of the strengths, weaknesses and potentials of your life, and Sri Raja will decipher it for you thus providing a potentially invaluable service in helping you take more control over your life. If you are going through a difficult period in your life, he will pinpoint the cause as indicated by the planets in your chart, and offer various tools of self-empowerment (astro-remedies) as per the indications in your horoscope. Astro-remedies consist of things like mantra (sacred sounds), ritual worship, visualization, gemstones, colour therapy, fasting on certain days, and strategic giving of charity. These remedies are specific to your individual horoscope and have the potential to make noticeable differences in your life.


This is the recommended reading to have as your first reading with Sri Raja. The natal chart is your birth chart and shows all the planetary positions as they were at the exact moment you were born - it is a blueprint of what you have created in the past and what you bring to this life - and therefore what you are likely to experience. This is a comprehensive reading and will touch on the major portfolios of your life.

The natal chart shows what basic energetics are active in your life and shows your all your strengths, weaknesses, times of success, times of struggle, when to make important decisions and when to maintain the status quo.

The natal chart will indicate what you need to do to improve your life and make the most of your potential.






Who Can Benefit

An accurate horoscope is a valuable tool anyone can use to shed light on various questions one might have at critical junctures in life. Whether you have some important career choices or business decisions to make; or if you are wondering where your current relationship is heading – or even if the new person you just met will lead to lasting happiness; or when you can expect improvement with your current health issues, your horoscope will give clear indications you can use to accelerate success, plan your life and increase peace of mind. Your Vedic horoscope will benefit you if:

  • You need to know the best times to buy, sell or start a business for increased success and profitability

  • You would like to learn which careers are most suited to you and are most likely to give lasting satisfaction

  • You want to find out the level of compatibility you have with a particular person BEFORE making a commitment and potentially save yourself years of disappointment, expense and stress

  • You would like to heal a current relationship and bring more harmony back into it

  • You are interested in understanding sensitive periods for health and which areas are most vulnerable for you, as well as which astro-remedies would be useful in this regard.

  • You are on the spiritual path – or wish to begin it – your horoscope can offer in depth insight into which practices are best, and which times will give the most progress

Why should you have a Vedic astrology consultation?

Nowadays, with the proliferation of the internet and social media, we are bombarded with information that often creates more confusion than not when trying to make decisions. Having so many choices is not necessarily a good thing, unless you have a way to focus in on those areas that will ultimately be beneficial to YOU. Your Vedic astrology chart can illuminate who you are, what are your gifts, when you can be successful, and when to maintain the status quo. Think about the time you can save in your life and the benefit of knowing exactly WHAT to do and WHEN to do it! Your horoscope can help you maximize your potential, create more harmony and balance in your life, and find solutions to problems that are keeping you stuck in life.



Sri Raja first became interested in Vedic astrology almost 40 years ago due to an accidental but fortuitous set of circumstances.  He was living in the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico with his then partner who was experiencing some health challenges that conventional doctors were unsuccessful at diagnosing or treating. On the advice of friends, it was decided that his partner would go to Los Angeles to see an alternative practitioner who had a reputation for a high rate of success with difficult and hard to diagnose health concerns. While in L.A., his partner was introduced to a Vedic astrologer who also was recognised for being very good with finding the causes for health challenges from an astrological point of view. She decided to have a reading with the astrologer and also gave the astrologer Sri Raja’s birth details.


After having an Astrology reading with another Vedic Astrologer and finding no satisfaction a friend recommended Sri Raja, his Interpretation of my chart and explanation of the different influences affecting my life situation and future trends was very accurate and detailed, I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone seeking clarity and direction in their personal lives,

Victor Fenech

Registered Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner. 


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